Vote Rhiannon Meades on 12th December
Vote Rhiannon Meades on 12th December

Tomorrow we can take back control and to vote for change, for real change.

There choice is clear. It could not be clearer. We can vote for social justice, equality and renewal or we can vote to reinforce the power and privilege of the wealthiest one per cent and the exclusion of the rest of us.

Labour is offering a radical and ambitious manifesto. This is because the social, economic, democratic and climate emergencies which we face simultaneously require radical solutions.

The Conservatives have little to offer and have run down our economy, our public services, and our reputation and influence on the world. They are fixated on a fanciful Brexit deal that will take a decade to conclude,or risk a ‘no deal’ crash out next year and which puts the Northern Ireland peace achievement and the Union of the UK in danger.  

In 1945 Labour was elected on a radical manifesto in the aftermath of a devasting world war and inherited a broken economy. Yet that Labour government had the vision, passion and resolve together with an ambitious policy programme to create the NHS, set up the modern welfare state, commence a record house construction programme and begin the rebuilding of the economy.

In 2020 Labour again has a radical and practical set of policies to address the contemporary existential challenges and to build a green economy based on fairness, social justice and inclusion as well as to forge a  Green Industrial Revolution. 

Public ownership was critical in 1945. Today Labour will take critical industries such as rail, mail, water, broadband infrastructure and energy distribution into public ownership. However, our modern model is not the same as that of the 1945. The 2019 Labour government will put consumers, staff and local government at the heart of decision making and ensure that these public industries serve and are accountable to the people. 

Labour’s greatest achievement in 1945 was the NHS with all but a few services free at the point of use and available on the basis of need not the size of the patient’s wallet. The NHS and the principles on which it was founded are at risk if the Conservatives win the election tomorrow. Labour by contrast will invest in the NHS, introduce free dental checks and free prescriptions, recruit more nurses, doctors and carers and ensure that elderly people have free personal social care. Labour in 2019 is building on the foundations laid in the 1945 election. Our principles remain the same as do our values and our ambition for our country.

I could recite Labour’s many policy commitments for this election and I could demonstrate how they are rooted in Labour’s history and are aligned with European social democracy as practised in many European countries.

Labour respects democracy so is offering the people the final say on Brexit on a credible deal or a to remain a member of the EU. There has been much change and new evidence since the 2016 referendum and three years on Conservative infighting. This is time to let the people decide.

Labour is outward and international but is not going to abandon Europe for the Trump led USA. 

Tomorrow we face a big choice, am important choice.

Over the last few weeks of campaigning in Mid Bedfordshire and neighbouring constituencies I have found strong and warm support for Labour’s plans, ambition and above all our values.

If those who share our values and welcome our policies vote Labour, we can and we will win; and most importantly the many not the few in our society and future generations will win.

Vote Labour and persuade family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to vote Labour. Then we all win.

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